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"eeho" - India's First Free Sharing Platform

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Wastage is a global issue and value of only food wastage is one trillion dollars globally, but in India it is just like a disaster because of its heavy population. According to the United Nations Development Program, up to 40% of the food produced in India is get wasted. In a country where almost half of population is hungry and living life in lack of essential facilities, we can’t afford wastage of food, non-food products. Globally there are so many programs, so many start-ups are working for it to resolve it in their own Country. In India there are lot of NGO’s or groups who are working on it on very small scales but we need a technical platform to resolve these issues for our Country to make it more stable to fight poverty.

Vision & Mission

India is a heavy populated Country where we can't afford wastage. Here many of us are with overloaded stomach and many of us are with empty stomach. Someone has overloaded facilities and someone is struggling to get basic facilities. Our vision for “eeho” is to make it world’s largest sharing platform.

In India, affluent citizens want to contribute their part back to society but because of their hustle bustle lifestyle, they are limited to contribute. They actually looking for a platform by which they can contribute more comfortably just like they are doing their entertainment, shopping, bookings etc on a single click. In our Survey 91% people wants a sharing app where they can share/donate their unwanted but useful products for less wastage.

India is the most youthful Country in the world and many of them are much talented, much perfect in their studies but they are less equipped with opportunities and facilities. They can’t afford their talent or studies; hence we lose an asset who could contribute his/her part in the development of society. Our mission with “eeho” is to facilitate that talent to grow. In our survey 60% people wants to support Raw and poor Talent or for Education and Health.

With “eeho” we have our long-term missions in many fields to contribute and create a milestone in social entrepreneurship.

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