Frequently asked questions

Why I need to install "eeho"?

Wastage is a major problem in this billion people country. Every middle class and high class family has some products (Food or Non-Food) that are waste for them but at the same time someone need that eagerly.

"eeho" is India's first sharing platform on which anyone can share their unwanted but useful things for a good cause.

What are the functionalities in "eeho"?

There are mainly two modules in eeho. 1) Sharing 2) Crowdfunding for Talent/Health/Education, primary focus on needy kids.

What can/can't I share on "eeho"?

Items anyone can share on eeho: - 1) Food items: - Packed/Raw/cooked
2) Non-food items: clothing/ stationary/ furniture/ kitchenware/ electronics etc. Items anyone can share on eeho: - 1) Food items: - alcohol/ meat products/ expired products 2) Non-food items: - drugs/ unprescribed medicines/ weapons

Can I sell an item?

No, eeho is strictly a sharing platform.

How do I know that my money is going for the right cause?

eeho will provide a proper traction report for your donated money, donor can ask anytime for it.